Zoo Animals…Not All Smiles

Boo loooooves animals.

I am not kidding.  This kid loves any and all kinds of animals.  His favorite of course being Horses and Dogs (in that order).  But, he loves all animal in general.  Therefore, it only makes sense that he LOVES going to the zoo.  He would go everyday if he could and since I love seeing him happy I would take him everyday if I could.

Ummmmm.. CORRECTION.. Rewind.. Retract last statement.

I WOULD HAVE taken him everyday if I could before he lost his mind somewhere between feeding the giraffes and petting the goats.

I pulled this kid around in a wagon in the heat and humidity that 94 degree weather in Texas produces.  Up hills, down hills, to the left and right and left again.  I pulled and pulled and he rode peacefully under the protection of his hat and comfort of his rented wagon.  Every area he wanted to go to I took him.  He fed giraffes and fish and ducks and turtles.  He talked to the cheetah and watched the elephants eat hay and the iguana partake of his dinner.  All in all he had a productive and exciting day.

So, you understand why after 2 hours of dragging this wagon and my not so light son around I was ready to go as I had other things to get done.  I explained that mommy was tired and needed to go work on her car so we could go to the gift shop get a toy and go home, but first I needed to return the wagon.

So, I pull him the last stretch to return the wagon and he decides that not only he does he not want to leave the Zoo; he doesn’t even want to take off the seatbelt and get out of the wagon.  Wait, What?

Nope.  I have no energy to argue and my explanation did not help so as he proceeds to scream his head off demanding the attention of the 20 + people in the immediate vicinity including the man waiting to take the wagon, I just pick him up and carry my child to the car.  I pretend not to notice the incessant and annoying scream crying in my ear and the kicking  and wiggling that Boo is doing as he throws a tantrum in my arms trying to get down to throw a bigger tantrum on the ground.

It was more embarrassing for him than me as he received the looks from patrons of the zoo including one kid that came around and tilted his head to look at boo in utter disbelief.  All in all it was a great day followed by a trying day followed by a stressful day but we survived.

G.M.O.A.T.. Fail or ???

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