Wisdom for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was different this year.

I was alone in pain and wondering why I put myself in this situation.

Sounds like the beginning of a thriller right?

Ha.. Well sad but true for 2 1/2 days I was alone and praying for the unceasing discomfort to subside and better days to come again.

Boo went to Kansas with my mom and had a blasts and I spent the majority of the holiday where we gather with loved ones and give thanks for those loved ones on the couch by myself.  It wasn’t all bad.  Luckily the Hallmark Channel was playing non-stop back to back Christmas movies (which undeniably adds to the joy of the Christmas season).

Ohhh.. You want to know why I was laid up by myself without a loved one in sight for days.  In my genius (or maybe my irritation with unexplicable headaches) I decided to on a whim get all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled 2 days before Thanksgiving.  Everyone second guessed me, tried to talk me out of it and scolded me for doing so, but I didn’t care.  I’ve had a couple dozen Thanksgivings and know what the feast that was being eaten by millions of people would taste like.  And, for the thought that maybe the headaches that ranged from the top of my cranium to the bottom of my jaw; it was well worth it.

Just hope I didn’t lose all my Wisdom 😉


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