So… I have been extraordinarily busy.

But, I guess that is to be expected when welcoming in a New Year and a year that you plan to be your best yet.  I claim that.  I will be turning my favorite age this year and plan to be excessively happy in all aspects of life.

The process is a time consuming, energy depleting, motivation needed one and I will say so far it has been well worth it.  If you have been reading you know that I have been slacking with losing my pregnancy weight.  My baby will be 3 in June so I have to get on it.  Thus, I finally did something for me.  I purchased a much needed treadmill.

I love running, I love working out, I love being fit.  So, I’ve committed to getting to where I need to be.  With exactly six months until my birthday I have decided no pressure just do what makes you happy and the fat will melt away; while I try to run the tread off the treadmill 🙂

Boo loves the treadmill too as he tries to get on it everytime he remembers that it is there.  I’ve told him that it is not a toy and touching it is a No-No but I know my son, so I turn it off.  So, even if he does hop on and start pressing buttons nothing will happen.  My kid is such a brat.  But he is so cute and unfortunately knows it, so I must admit he pretty much does what he wants.  Luckily, he is not bad.  Adventurous (yes), curious (of course), a brat (most definately), spoiled (undeniably), but bad (nah).

So, it is on people.. Time to becoming everything I want to be in T minus 6 months.  I’m giving myself until my birthday to get on it in all aspects of life, not that I expect complete happiness by then but if I get half way to where I want to be and lose all the weight I want to lose then I am doing AMAZING.  I have high hopes, big dreams, and nothing stopping me.

G.M.O.A.T on a mission.. Let’s do the darn thing!


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