Too Short…

Sooooo. As a mom and a parent I am always trying to find fun things for my Boo to engage in.  I will pay whatever it takes to see that smile.


Well, yesterday it costs $25 and it was well spent until the smile was turned into a frown immediately followed by tears.

If I’m being honest the $25 was not at all worth it. We went to this little annual carnival that comes to the mall parking lot.  Why?  Well I know my baby and he looooooves to have fun.  He loves rides and being outside and well just having fun.  So, when we saw that the bracelets for all you can ride rides were $25 there was no question.  Especially because the tickets were grossly overpriced (as well as the carnival food).  I assume that is due to the fact that there is no admission fee.  Which if there was; it would not be an annual carnival because it is not worth it.

Okay back to my plight. After buying the wristband and getting to the actual rides that he can ride; we only find 5. FIVE lousy rides: a carousel, loud bike merry go round, car merry go-round , a spinning dragon and a slow train.  Mind you an adult has to ride the carousel and the dragon with him so only 3 he can ride alone.  And, of course he wanted to ride the bigger more exciting rides.

All that being said I am good because although the rides are out-dated and not as thrilling to Boo as he would have hoped (and undoubtedly imagined the faster/higher rides to be); BUT he is smiling and laughing and having a decent time.

UNTIL… He tries to ride a small alligator roller coaster (that mind you he rode 2 years ago when we went the first time) and the guy says he’s too small. Now my baby is not yet 4 (will be in June) and he doesn’t understand (or even hear) the guy say he’s too small.  He didn’t check his height against the “measuring stick” or anything just decided that he wanted to take an extra long break and break my baby’s spirit at the same time and say that he couldn’t ride.  I was too through at that point.

My son cried his little eyes out about not getting to ride the ride and I was pissed. Not until we calmed him down a bit after leaving did I try to explain why he couldn’t ride because my child has the memory of an elephant and the questioning nature of his mother when things don’t make logical, analytical or even common sense.

So, he finally sucks his sniffles up just enough to hear me explain that the operator of the ride would not let him on because he said that he was too small and his little voice broke my heart. “Mommy? The man said I was too short?” I heard from the back seat and my heart broke.  “Yes baby”.  My baby cried all over again.  It was not a good moment to be in as I (like the majority of parents… I assume) don’t care to hear anyone limiting their child and telling them what they can’t do because of height, age, etc.  Don’t limit my baby.  He is AMAZING and can do any and every thing he puts his brilliant little mind to.


Watch him grow people. And, remember… you heard it here first.

G.M.O.A.T… teaching moment. Don’t limit my Boo

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