If you read my blog (the site you’re on) at all then you know that my quest is to become the Greatest Mom Of All Time (hence the title).  And, not of every child in the world… Although if I could help every child in the world I would do so in a heartbeat.  But the best I can do for now is to pray for them.

Okay so I got caught up a bit.  Back to the reason for my post.  In my quest to become the GMOAT for Boo (and any other children I may raise).. I have to take time to shout out the REAL GMOAT.. The M.I.W. (most important woman) in my life.  My mother.

No matter what she has always had mine and my siblings back.  Through the good and bad, happy and sad, right or wrong.. And believe me THEY (my siblings) were BAD and WRONG a lot 🙂

She has never let us down, put us down, knocked us down or let us stay down when they world tried to keep us there.  She is our ROCK, our backbone, our Wonder Woman.  She loves unconditionally, protects universally, and cares undeniably for us at all times.

She is 60 today and the World has been an easier and better place for countless people over the last 60 because of her.  Shout out to my mama, Boo’s Deda and the strongest, fiercest and most AMAZING woman I know.. The Real G.M.O.A.T..

Happy Birthday Mommy!!!.. I love you

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