The Fall



So, now that I have gotten over the initial heartbreak I guess I can tell the story,

So, as I said in the previous post Boo asked for a toy and since he was such a champ at potty training I decided that my baby deserved the toy.  Since, we were technically still in the potty training weekend I decided to get out first thing in the morning to get the toy as soon as the store opened and before we were really into our day.

I won’t name the store because I don’t want to be responsible for the boycotts and pickets that are sure to ensue due to the torment I experienced 🙂

So… we arrived maybe 20 minutes after opening and for some unknown reason my baby decided to be a big baby and demanded that I carry him into the store.  Me being me.. I did it. I carried him.  So, in carrying him he decided to be more of a baby and lay on me as if he was going to sleep.  Let me paint the picture

He did not “sit on my hip” as he does when I carry him.  Nope, instead he laid on me as if he was taking a nap and I was holding his full weight against me.  By now you know that he is 3, and all 37+ inches of height was known to my 5’3 frame.  He was blocking my view but it was okay because I could see eye level (or so I thought).

For some reason this particular store decided to make the entire entrance to the store flat except for one small part that should be flat since it caters to those who need it to be flat.  Down we went.  I couldn’t see in front of me so the couple inch raise in sidewalk unbeknownst to me had plans of its’ on… And, it wanted blood.  My blood.  I went down.  Boo, who I am holding and at that moment clutching with all my strength went down and my heart also sank to the lowest part of my feet.

I turned over to not spend more than 2 seconds on top of my baby who immediately started screaming (from the scariness of the fall).  I checked him over and saw a dime sized scrape on his ankle that would be the constant reminder of my epic fail.

I sit for a bit and try to compose my baby while holding in the pain of my scraped knee, elbow, hand, foot and arm (most of which are bleeding and throbbing with pain).  But, I have to nurse my baby’s scrape and make sure the fear of falling doesn’t now hunt him the rest of his life.

To make things worse the door I tried to go in with the raise in sidewalk was locked as I was told my a store employee arriving for work and informing me that the store was open.  As, if I was just sitting on the small sidewalk with a screaming child awaiting a Black Friday sale with absolutely no other customers in, at or around the store. 🙁

There was a small relief when we finally made it to the item of my child’s pre-fall wish list.  Even though his mind was elsewhere at the time and he no longer wanted the toy the store employees had incorrectly priced the item and I got it half off.  Thank you God.

G.M.O.A.T.. bitter-sweet moments

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