Boo is SICK 🙁

My baby is generally a trooper but this one is taking a toll on my baby.  I honestly think it’s been a long time coming so his little immune system just lost a fight with fatigue.  He is sleeping peacefully now (which I hope he does for the majority of the day).  He needs his rest so this invasion on his cute little 2 year old body will fade quickly.

It makes me think of those Mucinex commercials with the nasty green mucus men who try to run your life.  I wish I could shrink myself and enter his immune system in his defense slaying all little green mucus men who have the audacity to attack my Boo.

I am tired.. He is tired.  But, other than that life is life and we are living it as only we know how.

G.M.O.A.T. sad day.. The only thing I hate more than being sick is my baby being sick 🙁

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