Salute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

50 days to the day that Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated (tear)

While I haven’t been here all 50 years; the 33 that I have been here have been full of diversity.  And, while we do live in a beautiful, diverse world I am sad to say that 50 years later we still have so far to go.

Dr. MLK had a dream that became my parents dream and their parent’s dream and it is now my dream.  It is sad that the same dream we learned about in elementary school has not been realized.  The Dream lives on.  The Hope of seeing the Dream still fills our hearts, but there are still some people who do not share the Dream.  There are those who are afraid of the dream, who don’t believe in the dream, who are against the Dream.

While the world has been faced with war, hate crimes, racial bias, unwarranted authoritative murder, and greed the Dream lives on.  I dream for Boo (and any other children I may have).  I dream for my nieces and nephews.  I still dream for Me.

It breaks my heart and fuels my drive at the same time.  Wake up people.  We are all human, we were all created to share and enjoy this world (while it lasts).  We were created by God in love and for love.  I pray that not only is Dr. MLK (and like-minded people’s) dream of equality, respect, love and unity be soon realized and brought to fruition.  I also pray that hate, greed, injustice and inequality be buried with the past.  Let go of the hate, the hurt and the fear.

Love conquers all


G.M.O.A.T (serious moment)


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