Oh, You Said No!

My baby is growing up.


So… I just had to tell the world.  My baby is coming into his own.  He is getting so big, so grown, so AMAZING…

And HILARIOUS might I say.  Soooooo, the other day we were spending our mommy-son time as usual when we got a phone call.  On the other line was someone who wanted me to agree to something that I did not want to even contemplate.  So, I decided okay I’ll leave this up to Boo; after all my baby always says no when faced with this dilemma.  He always says what I need him to say without being coaxed.

That being said the decision is an easy one… Leave it up to Boo (my main man, my buddy, my rider).  So, I ask Boo the current question that awaits an answer from the person on the other side of the phone and he yells a resounding and ever so clear YES.

Wait, What?

This kid never says yes. Not unless the question is do you want fries or do you want candy.  Needless to say I’m thrown into the fire and that means my answer is supposed to be yes, but I don’t want to say yes.  That was the whole point of putting it on Boo.  I just knew the NO was coming.  So, instinctively I start shaking my head nooooooo as soon as I hear the yes and what does my baby do, but the obvious. In the sweetest, confused innocent little voice ever.. All I hear is…

“Oh, you said No!.

Somebody pull the plug.  I’m done. Stick a fork in me.  I cried laughing.  Only my baby.  So, of course all this was heard by the caller and I couldn’t play it off nor did I care to.  It was hilarious.  Oh, that kid makes life worth the living.

G.M.O.A.T epic (funny) FAIL.

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