Boo brings me so much joy 🙂

He is my everything.  Watching him sleep, getting him ready for day-care, picking him up, watching him play in his room or on his tablet..  It is all so very impressive.  I don’t know how a person so small and dependent could make you happier than anyone else in the world.  Maybe it’s his innocence or his adventuresome ways.. maybe it’s his bright excited eyes, his desire to learn or  maybe it’s just because..

He is soooo darn CUTE..

Whatever the reason.. He is my reason.. My reason for getting up every morning, going to work 5 days a week, chasing destiny 7 days a week.  My reason for wanting and always going for a better life.  The sheer happiness on his face is enough reason for anyone to want to see that little dimple on his right cheek appear as he smiles showing his full set of perfect little teeth.  Watching is eyes smile as he is overcome with excitement at the sight of nothing and thought of grander things.  Watching him dance to the song in his head because he has no reason to be anything other than happy.  He is my joy.

G.M.O.A.T here I come. …

My joy motivates me.


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