Happy 2017!

So, it has been a while since my last post but I was unexpectedly busy.  Christmas and New Year’s has come and gone and so much has happened and yet not enough.

In a nut shell we travelled for Christmas so my baby had his actual Christmas a few days later than the 25th when we returned.  Santa came as he always does even though we weren’t here.  He even dropped off a couple presents to our vacation spot.

Of course there was no surprise that the New Year ushered in at lightning speed and back to work I went.  Today was my first day back and as always after a 10 day vacation it was brutal.  For no other reason than of course I wanted to be home with Boo preparing for the 2017 takeover we have planned.

Well in short the New Year is here..

Let’s do this.

G.M.O.A.T  Takeover 2017… Stay tuned.

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