Happy 2018

Happy New Year!!!


I’m only a few weeks too late and that is fine with me.  Life has been nonstop lately and I came into 2018 a couple weeks after everyone else.

Now that I am officially here it is with a clear head, no resolutions and a new outlook on life.  I am looking for and looking forward to change this year.  That is all.  I am not looking set any plans that will depress me if I don’t complete them.  I will love myself, take care of myself and live the life I want to starting in 2018.

As long as Boo is happy and healthy and I can continue spoiling him and doting on him I will be happy.  Anything that makes me unhappy will have to go.  Anything that drains my energy will have to go.  This includes people, places, habits, etc.  It is all about positive change and being undeniably happy and at peace this year.

And, I wish this for everyone who reads this.  May 2018 bring you peace, happiness, good health and everything that your heart desires.  May you be wealthy in love and life this year.  Live for you.  After all it is your life to live.  Be good to YOU.

G>M>O>A>T  in training… 2018 GOALS

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