Doctor Boo

My Boo is the Best Kid Ever!


And, he has a shirt to prove it ūüôā

Sooo.. By now you know about the fall and the shame and humiliation that followed.¬† Well… I don’t know if I can actually say shame and humiliation but you should have heard the rude people laughing as they asked what happened to my knee, and even more so as I explained of our horrifying life changing fall.

Anyway, my baby, my boy, the apple of my eye, light of my life made it all better.  I was sitting in my room doing a lot of nothing (what I call multi-tasking) when he came running in as he always does when he needs a break from destroying his room.  So, in he comes to begin his Godzilla reign on my room and he looks at me knee as he does periodically.  So, he asks me what happened to my knee and then proceeds to tell me since he knows all too well.

After uncovering the truth behind the undeniable scarring and discolored¬†bruise on my leg Boo commenced to take once of his Minion stickers out of his coloring book and¬†put it on my knee like a¬†Band-Aid.¬† If that wasn’t the sweetest thing ever he sang the end of I Feel Better (Doc McStuffins) in an attempt to soothe me (tear).


I feel better.. So much better NOW!


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