I keep telling myself I need to take a minute to post…finish this.. start that.  But, I just don’t know how the time gets away from me.  I’m not complaining because I like being busy.  It makes me feel like my quest to continually conquer this thing we call life is steadily being brought to fruition.

But some days I feel like maybe I wasn’t as busy as I seemed to be.  I do have those days that I am busy doing nothing.  I like to take a break from time to time and I think I deserve it, but I am hard on myself seeing as there is soooooo much more I want to do.

Anyhoo.. Nothing has happened lately or maybe so much has happened that my mind hasn’t had the time to process and organize the happenings of life.  Either way Boo and I are good and as always it is us against the world.  Love that kid of mine.

He is a major BRAT tho.. Terrible two’s sneak up on me every now and then.. And I have to say.. The struggle is real when the two year old terror that sometimes resides in my son and rears it’s crazy head appears.  He’s very lucky he is so cute or I may actually give him away one day.. Any takers

G.M.O.A.T in the making.. On a mission

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