Today is 6 years to the day that my dad left us.

As a child I never thought I’d see that day come. We had a happy childhood a loving family and by all accounts were one of the families that many people I know looked up to and admired.  We were hard-working, God-fearing, close-knit and all around COOL people J.

So, when my dad decided that enough was enough it broke my heart. He had had enough.

Enough of the chemo that didn’t work. Enough of the meds that only temporarily subsided the pain. Enough of the weight loss. Enough of doing everything possible but still not getting better.  So, he left.  He prepared for this, wasn’t scared and in fact had asked God to take him.  So, he laid in his bed and allowed the cancer to have his body.  His soul of course went to be with God, but I feel like he left a little piece here with me (and my family).


It still hurts. There is not a day that I don’t think about him.  He was my angel and still is.


The lessons that he and my mom taught us still resonate heavy with my siblings and I and are the reason we are so close to this day even though we are all hundreds and thousands of miles away from each other. This is mainly due to the healthy relationship that we have with God due to the Christian upbringing that I hold so dear.  And, because they taught us that family is family.  Not that blood is thicker than water, but Family is family.

Blood relatives, married in relatives, relatives of relatives and friends who God put in our life because we were not bred relatives. We take care of family.  We look out for family.  We love our family.  Through the ups and downs, chaos and happiness.  WE ARE FAMILY.


G.M.O.A.T (in training) vulnerable moment…

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