3:45 for WHAT?

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

My extended weekend flew by, but I did get my Christmas tree up and decorated and it is very pretty if I do say so myself…  And I do say so myself.

So, the New Year is right around the corner and no New Year’s Resolutions.  Nope not me.  I plan on starting or continuing everything I want to accomplish NOW.

I am on a mission to be happier in life.  I know you’re thinking Boo is your son how can you get any happier.. And I agree whole-heartedly.  That is my joy.  But, there are some things that I need to work on, get back to, begin, move forward with for myself so that I can make sure he continues to grow up happy.

Happy Mom = Happy Son

One of those things being getting back to the size and fitness level I want to be.  Not for anyone other than me.  So, I get up at 3:45 every morning and plan to continue doing so to workout and get to my physical happy place.  So, I have to remind myself.. 3:45 for WHAT.

I love to eat and not the foods that would be okay to eat even if you did exercise.  I love sweets and chips and candy.  Don’t get me wrong I also love salmon and broccoli and fruits, etc, etc.. But my weakness for sweets is sometimes my downfall.  I put up motivational quotes and pics around the house in an effort to get me going and to help me let go of certain things, but I don’t always succeed.

So…3:45 for WHAT..  What are you getting up at 3:45 for to bust your butt feeling that oh so pleasant pain as you get back to a desirable look if you’re just going to throw it all away the first time your taste buds hint at needing a sweet treat to ease the stress of not being where you want to be in life.  Be patient… Be brave… Be committed.. Be determined.. Be your best self.. And Be up at 3:45 to get it in.

G.M.O.A.T on a mission.. 3:45 for WHAT

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